Qspice Help Update in Revision History

You may curious of what updated in help file in 11-Jan-2024 Build (01/11/2024 Updated the help file), this is a list of update I can observe by compare help files.

D. Diode

  • VP - dQ/dt damping parameter for diffusion charge - 0.01

J. JFET transistor

  • KGR - Generation-Recombination noise coefficient - 0.0
  • TGR - Generation-Recombination Noise time constant - 0.0
  • [1] QSPICE introduces JFET Generation-recombination noise support to SPICE. The drain-source G-R noise current is given by KGR×Vds2×4×TGR/(1-(2p×TGR×frequency)2)

I noted help file update in revision history, here is a compare result with help file before and after this update
06/04/2024 Updated the help file.

Simulator Option (.option)

  • SCALE - MOSFET length, width, perimeter, and area scaling

J. JFET Transistor

  • RONX3 - Adjusts RONX2 according to Vgs-Vto - 0.0
  • RONX4 - Adjusts how the transistion from RONX1 moves to RONX2 - 0.0

R. Resistor

  • SHORTED - Don’t issue a warning if culled due to being shorted out - not set

06/05/2024 Updated the help file with all the preprocessor functions

This update is in Help : Qspice > Simulator > General Conventions
Section of Preprocessor Functions

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