QSpice Forum Color Scheme


I’m thinking maybe the change to the orange on blue forum color theme isn’t the best choice. The link back to the forum home page right below the subject line is nearly invisible…


A quibble, I admit, but I missed it for a while.


Hi Robert- where are you seeing it in this color scheme? When I look at that thread, it is black on white for me. Also, what browser & hardware are you using? Feel free to message me if you prefer. Thanks.

Hi, Jeff. After opening this thread (or any thread), scroll down to the next item in the thread. For example, in this thread, when I scroll to the top, I get:

But, when I scroll down, I get:

Looking at it now, seems like the heading gets moved into the top bar (on a blue background) and the “Qorvo all around you” logo gets replaced with the Q logo.

Anyway, Using FireFox on Windows 11 Home.
Hardware: Not sure why that matters. What level of detail would be helpful?

FWIW, I noticed this theme change pretty recently, at most a few weeks ago. Maybe before that the background bar wasn’t blue?


Edit: Jeff, I just noticed that there’s a different color theme in the DM bit – grey instead of orange so maybe less of a problem but works the same way.

Thanks. Regarding hardware, just wanted to know about PC/Mac/Linux/iOS.

I do see the issue now as I’m typing this reply. Stay tuned.

@Jeff_Strang , why do you have in this last post

You almost gave me a mini hearth attack. Are you’re saying that QSPICE works in Linux now? I can pop the cork yet?

hah! not yet- sorry for the confusion. I was asking about what platform the poster was seeing rendering problems on.

Looks like someone changed the scheme. It’s readable now. Thanks, Jeff.