Qorvo#TQM679002A & TQM679002, are they the exact same parts?

can anybody help us figure out?
I searched Qorvo website, below two parts are almost with same description, while we do want to know if they are alternative parts, or high edition? can you please tell us the differences?
Qorvo#TQM679002A & TQM679002


This forum is for Ultra-Wideband (UWB) products and UWB related product designs and the people monitoring this forum are those with such experience.

Nevertheless, both of those products are discontinued. It is recommended to go through your sales channel to learn more about alternatives if they exist: How to Buy Qorvo Products - Qorvo

I tried many ways, call technical support and sending emails. but still got no reply, so I went to this forum. do you have any contact of technical support? it will be much appericated if you can share us.
it is our last time buyt for this project (TQM679002A ), and fortunately, we have some stock of TQM679002(no “A” suffix). so the only problem is to figure out these two parts are alternative or not, to know their differences.
any feedback from your will be much thankful.

Hi Joyce,

In the future, please contact your sales representative for more details as we do not have anyone knowledgeable on this part on this forum. There is also little to no knowledge of this part left at Qorvo given how old it is. I will send you a private message with the datasheets for the 2 parts for you to do the comparison.