Qorvo iOS developing support

Hi everyone,

I’m using DWM3001CDK to test UWB functions. I already ported TWR example from DWM3000.
I’m developing the product with TWR function. Including tags and anchors. I want to support
iPhone as tag in the future. But now, I’m not very expert at iOS developing. I wonder the Qorvo driver for U1 chip. Whether it can be operated freely, or has certain restrictions, such as fixed initiator or responder in TWR mode.



Hi @ken_cheng !

Qorvo devices can interact with iOS devices using Nearby Interaction. You can find an example for both iOS and embedded on the DWM3001CDK or DWM3000EVB products page:
(Please check the Evaluation Tools tab)

The embedded NI app uses the UWB driver and UWB stack (probably the same you application is using now) plus the NIQ library. On the iOS code, it uses Apple NI API. Only a few parameters can be set, fortunately, the role is one of them, and you can use your DWM3001CDK as an initiator or as a responder.

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Hi Carlos,
Thanks for your reply. Now I can use DWM3000 to implement distance measurement between anchors and tags. If the role of IPhone can be changed arbitrarily, then there should be no big problem in my product development. I will Add IPhone to the system in the future.

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