QM33120WDK1 tag node freeze

I bought the QM33120WDK1. I downloaded DW3xxx_QM33_XR6.0C.zip. I followed the instructions in DW3000_Arduino_Shield_QSG_Nordic.pdf, but when I send the tag command to the DW3000 TAG board (1 antenna), it freezes. When I send the stat command, a string is output and it says ok at the end. Also, the DW3000 Node board (2 antennas) works normally. Is it necessary to return the device due to a malfunction?

Hi @toku ,

Sorry, this is probably because the device ID of QM33110 is not taking into account. We’ll update this package soon.
If the problem is related to the device ID, you can resolve it as follows:
1/ In deca_device_api.h add the QM33110 Devid:
DWT_QM33110_DEV_ID = (int)(0xDECA0304) //!< QM33110 (non PDOA) silicon device ID

2/ And then in tag application you need to take into account this device ID.
Replace with:

else if ((dev_id == DWT_DW3000_DEV_ID) || (dev_id == DWT_QM33110_DEV_ID ))

The same should be done for node and listener application.

Hope it helps,

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Thank you for your response. The modification of the source code that you taught me worked

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