QM33120WDK1 Doesn’t power up


I purchased the QM33120WDK1 from mouser and the board doesn’t connect to PC over USB connector(J3) on nRF52840DK.

I only see D1,D2 LED blinks for a second but PC doesn’t even detect the USB connection. As per quick user guide, there is no instruction other than connecting USB and running QorvoOne.

I am using Windows 11 Pro

Just FYI, JLink Debug Connector(J2) seems to atleast show up in device manager.



When connected to J2, do you get a serial port and can connect with a serial console? If so can you try type “?” or “stat”?

I have the same problem with this Kit. Also from Mouser.
QorvoOne is not detecting any devices conected throught USB.
I also see leds flashing for a second…
I’m using Iwndows 10 Pro.
How to solve this?
Thank you


Can you please show a picture of your setup? And a capture for your device manager after plugging the 2 boards?

Here is a picture of screen.
No device detected:

Please check the 2 switch highlighted in yellow:

Also, you can flash the UCI binary with Flash Lite application, to be sure that you have the SW running.

Switches are in the correct position.
Is there a manual to flash in the easiest way the UCI binary with Flash Lite application?

Thank you

@fmasso , check in the developer guid document inside the SDK the section 4 “Flashing SDK Firmware”.

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Thank you @Wassim_Qorvo. It works!
The product from Mouser comes without preprogramed firmware.
But Qorvo guide says are preprogramed!