QM33120WDK1: Connecting Initiator and Responder Device to Qorvo One App on Different PC


I am trying out QM33120WDK1 kit.

The Qorvo One application shows the range and angle results when the initiator and responder devices are connected to the same computer. In this setup only limited separation between the two devices can be achieved due to limited length of the USB cables.

To avoid this limitation I connected the two devices to different computers. The Qorvo One app detects the device COM port on the respective computers. However, the Save and start push button on the app remains inaccessible/inactive for responder. It seems the app only works when it has both the initiator and responder, a strange limitation built in the app!

Hi @ipoint ,

I agree, this is a limitation in Qorvo one.
I think the explanation is that Qorvo one needs to set adresses of initiator and responder before starting the FiRa session (by default adress 0 for initiator and adress 1 for responder).
But introducing a manual set for these adresses in Qorvo one Gui can be an option to resolve this issue.

If the purpose of your test is to evaluate the range between 2 devices in FiRa, you can use the python script “uci_uart_fira_test.py” in the SDK and configure one device as controller and another as controlee.
This is working if you plan to use 2 different PC.

Hope it helps,