QM33120WDK1 CLI PDOA mode 3


For QM33120WDK1, PDOA mode 3 requires the STS length to be a multiple of 128. And in CLI, initf/respf works with STS segment length 64. Does it mean that in CLI I cannot use initf/respf with PDOA mode 3?

Correct, InitF is “F” because it uses the modern well-defined FiRa standard. In this standard only 64/64 are possible for SP1 or SP3 frames. Means chip would have to auto-select PDoA mode 1 to do AoA.

If you want to play with non-FiRa standard, you have to either write your own protocol or use older FW if you could find that. In the old releases when FiRa was not defined, DW chips were using fully flexible proprietary protocol with which you can play.

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