QM33120WDK1 CIR readings are very different from similar offset


Using dwt_readaccdata, I’m reading CIR out and plot it. I’ve tried setting offset to both fp_int-2, which is used in the example code, and also offset=720, which is approximately 20 samples before the first path. However, I’m getting very different CIR in these two cases.

This is the result when offset is 720. The peak is more than 60000, and after the peak, I’m getting all zeros.

This is the result when offset is fp_int-2. The peak is only 6000+, and after the first path I’m getting some smaller peaks, which looks reasonable.

Could someone please explain what might be happening here? Why there is such a high peak when offset is 720, and why there’s no smaller peaks after the first path? It seems when the offset is 720, it is reading the register from completely different sub block…

Thanks in advance!

Hi @BC0023 ,

How did you set the offset value as 720 ?