Q: QSPICE Documentation PDF

I think providing PDF as “QSPICE User`s Guide” is a good idea.
Or simply transform Help file to PDF. Sure, direct printing with PDF printer produce file.
But it almost unusable (at least no indexing, splitted tables, etc.).
I think there is not a issue, because Mike (or QORVO QSPICE team) have an access to Help source text.

– Best Regards,

Hi Victor,

This is a good idea. It would, however, only be a snapshot in time. As you know, we’re adding new features at a rapid pace, and I fear a static document would quickly be obsolete. We’ll discuss some options.

Hi Victor,

I just tried printing the help file as a PDF. You’re correct- it’s not indexed, and tables can split across pages. For the moment, this is the best option for printing. As QSPICE updates slow, we can look into a more static file.

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