PWL source does not work in a subct

Hi all, great simulator and schematic entry, I love it.
Found a snag with PWL source in a subct., it gives a syntax error and the run button stays red forever. See pics:

With the PWL in the parent schematic everything runs fine:

I use the latest qspice version:

To be more specify, it seems error only occur if .subckt include a PWL to load from a .txt

  • Vnnn N+ N- PWL t1 v1 t2 v2 t3 v3… [LOG] [XTRAP] ← Run properly in .subckt
  • Vnnn N+ N- PWL FILE file.txt [LOG] [XTRAP] ← Return error in simulation

Thanks Kelvin, I did not discovered that yet!

Hello everyone !

I’m also facing this bug which prevent me from creating my dream workspace :grin:

What I would like to create is

  • parameters in a “parameters” folder (with multiple txt files externally generated from an Excel table)
  • sub-circuits also defined in a dedicated folder
  • main schematic at the root of those folders

Currently, I’m stuck with tens of PWL generators in the main file, and it looks ugly.

The objective of such workspace would be to make complex systems easier to understand. With a nice high level schematic (which also could be used as a grounding schematic), and multiple sub-circuits which would enable the user to dig into smaller parts of the system.

Could you work on this issue ??

Thanks for Qspice !

PS: my version dates from the May 04 2024