Push button emulation in analog circuit

In an analog circuit I need to emulate a push button to quickly connect and disconnect a parallel RC combination over the emitter-collector connections of a transistor, in order to generate a transient pulse.
How can this be implemented ?
I tried with .step param PB 1 10Meg 10Meg but that implements only a static change.
All suggestions welcome.

Push button is equivalent to a Switch. Here is a simple example for a Switch (shortcut S).

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@paulvo ,

Is the issue you need to generate a good pulse or how to properly switch to create a pulse.

If it’s the first, @KSKelvin provided a circuit with a V-source and a PULSE waveform specification.
If it’s the second, @KSKelvin provided a constant V-source (@1V) and used a voltage-controlled switch to generate the pulse.


Hi Len and KSKelvin, the solution works perfect !
Many thanks !
In addition, I started experimenting with Piecewise Linear in order to introduce a delay in DC voltage source.
I also found some further clarifying info from Giovanni Di Maria about “The Various Types of Power Sources” :face_with_monocle:

@paulvo I am writing several guidelines for Qspice beginner. For the use of Piecewise voltage source, you can download Qspice - Device Reference Guide by KSKelvin.pdf in this Github path, and goto section V. Voltage Source, which is about p.126, I have a section showing example for that.

Qspice/Guideline at main · KSKelvin-Github/Qspice

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Maybe too obvious, but some feedback on this topic for newbees as myself

  • I found the best way to emulate a power-on switch with a 1 second delay is to use a PWL voltage source like PWL 1 0 1.2 5 as control signal for the voltage controlled switch in series with the independent voltage source with a fixed DC voltage. This will keep the DC voltage supply to the circuit steady on, after the initial switch-on delay…
  • For a push-button with a delay of 2 seconds, I used a PULSE voltage source like PULSE 0 1 2 0 0 0.5 100 as control signal for the voltage controlled switch.

@KSKelvin: your Qspice - Device Reference Guide by KSKelvin.pdf is a fantastic piece of hard work ! My sincere congratulations and respect! This is now on top of my Qspice documentation.

I encourage all newbees interested in the voltage controlled switch to experiment with the positive and negative hysteresis on p.120 of KSKelvin’s Device Reference Guide.


Step and Single Pulse can both be generated with PULSE or PWL. Here are examples for your reference.

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