Proximity of tags to anchors

When we move closer to any of the corner anchors say about 50 cm away from the anchor and facing the anchor we have seen the tag tends to not connect to that anchor but as we move away the frequency of disconnection tends to reduce. Is there a minimum distance we should maintain between anchor and tag?

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I’d if it is very very close there is a chance to saturate the accumulator on reception, but I’ve seen it working reliably at 10cm so it should be ok at 50cm.

How accurate are your anchors coordinates ? I wonder if the tag may think it is overlapping with the anchor and as a consequence does not select it for trilateration as it would bring poor result.

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What does “not connect to that anchor” mean?

Tags range with anchors and if they have 3 or more ranges they will attempt to locate. What do you mean by not connect? Does it fail to locate or fail to range?

By not connect to that anchor I mean the tag fails to range with that anchor even though it has clear LOS and is practically the closest anchor.

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I have observed also the same behaviour: when the tag is too close to an anchor (in my case about 15cm), the location frames comming from the listener become more erratic, and eventually dissapear.

Is there a way to find the reason: either saturation, poor [color=#333333][size=small][font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,Sans-Serif]trilateration result, [/font][/size][/color][font=Tahoma,Verdana,Arial,Sans-Serif]other[/font] ?

Most important: should us consider imposible to locate a tag when it is ‘very close’ to an anchor? Have you consider any solution for this situation?

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