Protocol for mesh ranging without coordination

Hi, let’s assume that I have a set of n UWB nodes and every node knows this set.
Let’s also assume that I cannot control which node is powered on or off at some point in time.
Is it possible to implement a communication protocol that still supports all-to-all ranging?
I want to have every node polling all others, and also responding to all others.
I was thinking of having some x random time where each node is going to be auto-set in responder mode, and after that, turn into a poller mode to poll one by one all nodes in his list (having a timeout for those who will not respond because they are powered off). And then switch back to responder mode for some good amount of time.

Is there any specific approach that you could suggest? Have u seen any related paper that I could check? Or even, is this even possible to have a mesh ranging without any coordination at all?

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