Programming a DWM1001 Module without j-link

I have acquired an MDEK1001 Development kit and, separately, three DWM1001 modules. I noticed that the DWM1001_DEV boards (included in the MDEK1001 Development kit) have an integrated j-link debugger. My question is: can I program the DWM1001 modules without the j-link debugger, or do I need I to also acquire it separately?
Another question i have is: can i easily integrate the DWM1001 modules with DWM1001_DEV boards?
Thank you.

Hi Alex,

Regarding you first question, you can flash the DWM1001 over the SWD interface using any kind of standalone flasher. JLink has a large selection of device.

Regarding your second question, I am not sure what you mean. The dwm1001_dev already feature a dwm1001 module.


Thank you for your answer to my first question. Regarding the second question, i believe i was not very clear. What i meant to say was: by simply connecting a DWM1001 to a power supply, can i then integrate it in the MDEK1001 system as if it was a DWM1001_DEV board? Can i do the configuration of the DWM1001 with the Decawave DRTLS Manager, via Bluetooth (as i would do with a DWM1001_DEV board)?

As long as you can power up the DWM1001 module, it should work the same way the DWM1001-dev board does. The -dev board only adds hardware addon (power, JLink etc. ) to the module. The software side is the same.