Program updates: Is there a list of bugs fixed and features added for each program update?

Every day I run QSPICE, I’m prompted with the update process. It is great that the development is proceeding at such a rapid rate, with many fixes/features available the next day. I occasionally remember seeing enhancement requests and then test the program to see if the update addressed the requests, but that is mostly a waste of time. Is there an available log of updated features related to each version?

Thanks for reading the manulal to me . . .

Are there specifics you’re looking for which are not addressed in the revision history under the Help menu? As you noted, we are rapidly iterating and addressing requests. If you want to know about a particular item, send an email to

There was a request for an option
Number of significant figures used for .measure statement output.

I found what I needed in the help menu (About/View Revision History button). I had missed that even when I had used the help menu to send an email to Mike. It’s a common problem for me (just ask my wife).

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Good news. Thanks for the update, and enjoy QSPICE!

The button showing rev history is good. I’d like to see another button for list of revisions not yet installed. Or just include it along with the historical revs.