Program microcontroller "STM32F072CBT6" in MDEK to add logic


My idea is to use PANS API to retrieve data from DWM1001 module and program some kind of logic on top of it. Is it possible to program the “STM32F072CBT6” microcontroller on the MDEK to communicate via UART with DWM1001 module for this purpose? If so, is it possible to program it with SEGGER?


STM32F072 is working as a JLink programmer/debugger.
If you erase it, you cannot revert this action back - there is a proprietary FW inside it and the Segger license.
I’m highly not recommending doing it.

The JLink FW that comes factory-programmed into the STM32F072 already includes a Virtual Serial port (over USB) that communicates through a UART bus connected to the DWM1001 module.
So yes, this is indeed possible without any modifications.