Problem with Decawave DRTLS Manager

Hi, I just received 5 DWM1001 DEVELOPMENT BOARDS and I want to test it with Decawave DRTLS Manager. I created my network, added 4 anchors and one tag, but have problems with auto positioning - I see all anchors in network details (some with very low signal), but in auto positioning menu I see only some of them, randomly. Some times I can see all anchors, but auto positioning fails with errors. Anchors are in range of 6-7 meters each other, my samsung S6 is close tho them. What is wrong and how to fix it?

Regards - Tomasz

How far apart are the anchors? How far away is your tablet, it needs to be within the range of all of the anchors you want to auto-position.
Your tablet/phone battery seems low (4%).

If auto-positioning fails, possibly the anchors are too far apart. Try moving them closer together (e.g. 5m apart) to get the feature working/get comfortable using the feature. And then extend the system.

Anchors are about 6 meters apart, it is not too much for BT in room. Battery is not the problem - fully loaded doesnt work better.
I set distances manually, but now I have problems to see tag on my smartphone - it appears from time to time, not too often :slight_smile:
I think that some device is broken, but I have only five to test… Maybe it is the problem with application?