Problem reading full CIR


I’m using DWM1001-DEV and Decawave’s driver API. I’m building on top of Decawave’s example 2c where it reads six samples of CIR. I’d like to read the full CIR instead. With my configuration, it means reading 1016*4 + 1 bytes. So I set the buffer for storing CIR to have length n*4 + 1 and adjust n.

I try to read CIR in a while loop, meaning that it iteratively enables the receiver and then read CIR to buffer. However, I found when n is about 80 or more, reading CIR (using dwt_readaccdata()) seems to cause the system freeze and it’s not able to re-enable RX.

Any help on how to solve this or how to extract full CIR is appreciated.

Thank you,