Problem mounting the .vdi in VirtualBox

Hi, im trying to use the Decawave_DWM1001_VirtualBox_Image.vdi using VirtualBox 5.1.38_Ubuntu r122592. When i did the new virtual machine “using a existent hard drive” (3rd option, sorry if is not exactly, i used the spanish version) and i choose the .vdi , i got a error:

Someone have the same problem ?

Hi, you do not need to create a new virtual machine.
Just Machine-Add and select Decawave_DWM1001_VirtualBox_Image.vbox file (it’s inside the 7z archive).

hi ! thanks for reply, i did that and i got this:

i found the error, i deleted the virtual machine that i was creat before (first image “Decawave” machine) , so i solve my problem