Problem building dwm-simple on Segger Embedded Studio


I’m following the DWM1001 Firmware User Guide and trying to build the program “dwm-simple”. I have followed every step (I think) that leads up to the building stage (including the configuration of GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain install path). The problem is that when I try to build the solution I get the error:

Building ‘dwm-simple’ from solution ‘dwm-simple’ in configuration ‘dwm1001_configuration’
1> Linking ‘dwm-simple_fw2.elf’
1> arm-none-eabi-gcc: error: ?C:/DWM1001/Source_Code/DWM1001_on_board_package/DWM1001_on_board_package_R2.0/dwm/examples/dwm-simple/output/compiler/dwm-simple.o?: Invalid argument
Build failed

I’m having a hard time understanding why I get the error “Invalid argument”, any help will be appreciated.

I’m using Segger Embedded Studio for ARM v4.12.