Precisions on the DWM1001

Hello everyone !

I am doing some research about WSN using UWB and the DWM1001 get my intention (as my post here suggest it… :rolleyes: ).
I am wondering what I should get between the DWM1000 and the DWM1001.

This way I would like to have some clarifications about the firmware implemented on the DWM1001. Indeed, I checked the documentation and some points are not really clear for me.

Firstly, does the 3D-positionning using DWM1001 benefits of all features that the 2D positionning do ? For example in “system overview” it’s mentionned that the “conflict between two tags/anchor” situation is managed regarding the amount of response from anchors the tag get back. If it’s 3 he it can still process the positionning algorithm since it can still get a 2D position with three anchors, but what about 3D then ?
Aren’t the “conflict” situations managed in this case ?
Is the 3D positionning even possible with the DWM1001 ?

Secondly, about the base structure of the network (eg superframe level), are some configurations possible ? I mean if overall some options are available to allow the user to modify the low level structure of the network regarding the amount of units in the designed network for example.

Thank you for your help !

Hi Yohann,

Some answers below :

  1. When using PANS (RTLS stack delivered with DWM1001), a tag must range to at least 3 anchors to get a X Y Z. It is already 3D. The precision on the Z coordinate is usually not the best at there is a poor geometric dilution of precision within this axis. Please refer to the thread below for more details :

  1. There is no possibility to customize the superframe structure within PANS. If you wish something more tailored, you may want to develop a fully custom firmware.

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