Precision positioning at high speed

I’m a student working on a thesis involving the use of DWM1000 to track objects moving at 35km/h. I would like to know which precision in positioning can I achieve at this speed. And if it’s possible.

Thank you very much

Yes it’s doable but depends on how accurate you need it to be.

We get errors of well under 5 cm in x/y position while traveling at up to 110 km/h (we used RTK GPS as truth). In theory we should be able to hold that accuracy up to around 300 km/h but since we currently only have the hardware to cover a short area our top speed is limited by the performance of our test car.

However getting to this point hasn’t been simple. Our initial attempts gave good accuracy at walking pace over a small test area but had issues maintaining the accuracy at higher speeds or over the larger areas. The solutions were a mixture of firmware and electrical design, we found the antenna on the DWM1000 was limiting things.

Once we’ve got all the approvals process completed we could sell you a system if you want :wink:

Thank you very much for your reply!

Precision of 5cm is good enough for what I need, I’m working on a system to keep track of athletes on an athletic tracking field. So 5cm is more than enough.

For now it’s only a thesis project, but if there will be some possibilities to build a working prototype I will be for sure interested in buying yours system.