Power calibration frame size


During power calibration which frames size, we need to use for continuous frame transmission?

Can we use any frame size or we need to consider the maximum frame size of our application?

Shijo Thomas

You need to use the worst case situation for your equipment. So if you only ever transmit 1 frame in any given ms then it must be the largest size you use. If you sometimes transmit 2 short frames within 1 ms of each other then you need to work out which is worse, one long or two short.

Hi Shijo,

Andrew is correct. You need to consider the worst case, i.e. the maximum energy density your device would emit for any 1 ms.

If your device has power settings which is compliant with the regulation (all 4 values of the power octet is within the limit) then any frame transmitted should be within the regulation. If you use smart power you have to avoid transmitting again within 1 ms, i.e. total energy transmitted within 1 ms must not exceed the limits.

Depends on the channel and regulatory you need also to consider duty cycle for longer period than 1 ms.

It is also important to measure at the peak of the antenna pattern radiation, i.e. measure in the direction which has highest peak.