Power Calculator Released

I’m pleased to announce that we released our power calculator version 1.5.
By filling in the blanks (like update rate, datarate) one could get an estimation of the power usage of our DW1000.
The calculator is available from our website under Power Consumption Management.

Kind Regards

There is no DW1001. Both the DWM1000 and the DWM1001 modules use the DW1000 chip. You can probably refer to the documentation of the DWM1001 and/or the MDEK1001 to determine the proper settings for the tool, if you’re using those devices.

This calculator was removed from the decawave (now Qorvo) web site, please can you re-upload it in the website or in this forum?.

The calculator application was broken for a while before it was removed. But all it was was a java front end for an excel spreadsheet.
The underlying spreadsheet is still available, you can download it from https://www.decawave.com//TWRCalculator/TWR_power_calculator.xlsx

Thank you Mr. AndyA.