Post processing stuck along the way - no measurements are done

Hello In a simulation where I ask several measurements ( more than 20 meas commands, all multiple kinds , rms , average, find etc), at one moment, it seems that the post processing is never done. It stays stuck and nothing happens. The simulation itself is well ended succesfully though but the post processing never happens.When I perform the simulation on a short time, everything works well all measurements are done. Then I wish to perform the same simulation on a much longer time (I have to add that the simulation is then about 400 s long), the simulation still works. Simulation ends up. But NO post processing. And no error message. Have I reached the limits of this post processing Thanks a lot.

one info more that can help solve this: when the post processing is not done, and that I try to start the simulation again but with a shorter time, the post processing of the preceding simulation (long time) switches on, as if information that was obtained earlier (and which was stuck along the way in some registers) was regurgitated suddenly. Thanks for bearing with me.

Does it show like results from meas, like this
If it does try to go right click on data → plot these Measurments
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hello ivan1 yes absolutely, the measurements for the short time simulation work well, I’ve plotted them several times. The point is all is well for short time, but when I multiply the time by 100 for example, the simulation still works well. It comes to an end with perfect graphical results. Only this time there is no post processing , nothing… I’ve waited long enough because sometimes post processing takes time…but nothing happens. Then after a while when I restart the simulation back with conditions of short time for dubbel check, some measurements from the stuck post processing are displayed in an incredible mess… as if QSPICE could not digest the post processing of the long simulation and threw back the stuck data. When I click on “abort simulation” , the post processing does not seem to start automatically on a clean slate.

Can’t seem to replicate the issue. I tried to increase the number of data points and meas function is working. Can you try to check total number of calculations are you working with.

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all right. It was a false alarm in fact. All i needed to do is to wait long enough (several minutes) and then suddenly all the measurements appear. Thus patience. I was a little mislead because in LTspice the measurements seem to be done quicker. In QSPICE, the time for post processing seems longer than in LTspice. On another side, the same simulations are going much faster in QSPICE.

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