Positioning Tag an Anchor

Hello, I would like to estimate the location of the people using DWM1001.
however i want that one of the anchor to calculate distance from all the tags. my application requires the system to be battery efficient so instead of letting tags calculate the distance and position i want tag to calculate the location and distance of each tag. Note: there are multiple (i.e. 4) anchors to perform localization in my system (using least square algorithm).
I want one of the anchor (or the server) to know the distance of tags with respect to the anchors.

I know that Tag can estimate the location (ex: dwm_loc_en) and I wonder why Anchors does not have that function.


the position of the anchor is not calculated, it is fixed, can be set/get by shell command “aps”/“apg” or by dwm_pos_set/dwm_pos_get.

The call dwm_loc_get is to get measured distances and the calculated position on the tag or to get measured distances on the anchor during the autopositioning procedure (autopoisitoning can be used e.g. by the android aplication).