Positioning of Initiator

In the documentation (e.g., DWM1001 System Overview, page 23 and 26), the initiator seems to be always positioned at a corner.
Do I always have to place the initiator at a corner in a map/network, or can I place it any where I want (e.g., middle)?

Hi Simon,

There is no hard constraint regarding the initiator placement. You can place it anywhere as long as it is seen by multiple anchors from your network. (1 is enough in theory but I would recommend more to ensure redundancy and stabilize the network.)


Hi Yves,

Thanks for your quick response!
You mentioned “1 is enough in theory”.
Did you mean “1” being one initiator, or “1” being the number of anchors being seen by the initiator?


There is always only 1 initiator, and at least 1 anchor needs to see the initiator, but it is better if more than 1 anchor sees the initiator.

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@dpelaez you can have more than one Initiator. As Yves has mentioned, you can have some redundancy to achieve a more robust network.

A good practice is to place the Initiators in-range with each other. If you have e.g. 2 Initiators, one will start the network (it is called Real Initiator) and the other Initiator will join the network as a normal Anchor. If the Real Initiator dies, the second Initiator will detect it fast enough to take over the network so no one would notice that. No “synchronization hiccup” would happen. If you place the Iniators very far from each other, then before the second Initiator detects that the network lost the Real Initiator, some anchors near the Real Initiator might have disconnected already. This is not the desired behavior in most cases.