Position information


According to the documents (dwm1001 module), all anchors should mount on the same height, and reported position information has these four parameters x,y,z, qf

My questions are:

  • where is the identifier of the node/tag in this reported information?
  • the z parameter shows the third dimension above or under the plan of x & y, so does it means that if a tag exists in a spherical area within the covering radius of at least three anchor, we have the 3d location of the tag?
    -base on the above question, what is the limitation for construction of many uwb network for high height buildings? special i meant across the height of buildings?


Hi aam,
the anchors dont have to be at same height, you can use any height you want, just the auto-positioning will not work correctly with anchors with different heights. For best performance you should put some anchors to different height. The TN calculate its position at least from 3 anchors, so in every case one anchor should be in different height. For example if you have 4 anchors then 2 AN should be in different height than the another two AN.

You are correct - when all anchors are at same height the Z coordinate could be on the another sphere. From my observations it picks the value under the anchors plane.

Regarding the Docs it might be possible to create one UWB network to cover big building. You have to take care about clustering to maintain free seats for spreading the network across the building.