Porting from nrf52 + DWM1000 to DWM1001


I’m porting my firmware from runinng on nRF52 + DW1000 board to DWM1001 which contains everything in one package. The exact board hosting the module is DWM1001-DEV.
I’ve followed the schematic from https://www.decawave.com/sites/default/files/dwm1001_module_schematics_vd1.pdf and adjusted pin mapping in nRF52832 firmware but I’m still getting initialization issues when trying to initialize the DW1000 chip in DWM1001. The exact issue is that [size=small][font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace]dwt_readdevid() al[/font][/size]ways returns 0 as if the module was not responding.

Is there something else to do when switching between devices? I don’t need to use PANS API, just raw DW1000 via SPI.

Hi! You can find most information you need in the examples here https://github.com/Decawave/dwm1001-examples
From what you say especially check out the SPI pin configuration.
It’s working pretty well over here :slight_smile:

Thank’s for your reply. The thing is that the FW and pin mapping seems to be correct and I’m able to init the DW1000 chip once but afterwards it fails. I had a similar issue on custom HW with nRF52 + DWM1000 but this was solved by toggling the DW1000’s reset pin on FW boot. Afterwards it worked like a charm. In DWM1001 the same trick it seems to not work and DW1000 is stuck on init