Porting files 'port_platform.c' and 'port_platform.h' for porting decawave api to Nordic SDK


I’m currently trying to port the firmware from an STM microcontroller to the Nordic microcontroller in the DWM1001 module. On Github (https://github.com/Decawave/dwm1001-examples), I found two files port_platform.c and port_platform.h, which are written by Decawave. However, these files are written for Nordic SDK version 14.2. With the release of SDK version 15.0, quite a lot of things changed. To keep compatibility with the older API, Nordic included a legacy layer. However, I was wondering if there is an port_platform.c and port_platform.h written for SDK15.3 (as I don’t want to implement the legacy layer, which is quite cumbersome and not recommended by Nordic)? I can’t seem to find the porting files port_platform.c and port_platform.h anywhere on the website of Decawave… Could someone maybe place a link where to find them?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Joren.

Did you manage to get the DWM1001 code up and running with the latest Nodic SDK?
If so, would you mind to provide some insight to what changes you made?
Furthermore, which development environment did you use? Keil?

Best regards
Thomas Jespersen