Port firmware of MEDK1001 to a custom board

Is there a way to port the firmware that comes with the MEDK1001 kit to our custom board? We plan to use different chip of Nordic and hence need to change GPIO port settings.

Thank you in advance.

No this is not possible. The code is tightly coupled to the Nordic MCU and the PANS RTLS software license only allows customers to use the code on the DWM1001 modules.

Thank you for your response but please let me clarify my question again. We plan to make our own board using DWM1001 with Nordic NRF52840 chip (instead of NRF52832). In that case, is it allowed by the license and is it technically possible?

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Hi Charuwalee,

While this MAY work, the PANS software is designed for the DWM1001 module and specifically the NRF52832. The s/w is supplied in binary format so I have my doubts you would be able to get it to work correctly.

What is the motivation to move to a 840?


If you keep the wiring between MCU and DW1000/DWM1000 (whichever you use) the same way as in DWM1001, it may work.
Anyway, there may be problems with BLE communication. PANS is using quite old softdevice that is not officially supported with nRF52840.

Thank you Ken. We are interested in NRF52840 because it is said to support longer Bluetooth range.

Thank you rastik for your answer. It helps a lot.

The Beta PDoA kit has a Nordic 840 on the Node.
Contact betapdoa@decawave.com

Hi charuwalee,
May I know, how you are planning to debug ur custom board? and how the interfacing between NRF52840 and DWM1001 is done? If possible can you share your design.