PMSM motor modelling

Dear all,

Is it possible to simulate a PMSM motor with qspice? if yes, does anyone have the simulation model?


Yes, very possible

Making the model is easy, but we also need to validate it.

If you are going to make the inverter controller, I can help you to make the model.

Thanks for your response.
I hope QSpice can be used to simulate motor drives, so I can include device (IGBT) models in it, but I’m still curious about the motor PMSM model.
Previously, I made FOC controls for the inverter in other simulation tools.

You can take electric motor models from my model collection. There’s a lot more to it.

Hi bordodynov,

I downloaded your PMSM model. Do you have any document to explain the subckt, expecially the mechanical part?

I want to simulate Speed Control (FOC). What should be connected across m+ and m- to set a certain load torque? (for example, 5 Nm)