.Plot windows settings


I wonder if there is a neat way to do “.plot” from the schematics where you can set the axis.
what I would like it for is for .AC and separate the phase and gain in the plot statement to fixed axis.

I’m aware that you can save the plot configs, but I would like the settings to be set in the schematics with for example the “.plot V(out)” statment if possible.

Is there anyway you can do this? so that you do not have to manually set it every time.

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That’s not supported from the schematic. The point to being able to add a .plot statement there is so that you can e-mail the schematic to a coworker and have them see the traces you’re talking about.

But you can save the plot settings by pressing the floppy disk icon on the waveform viewer. That makes a separate .pfg file that is used next time you run the simulation. You press the spacebar in the waveform viewer to reload the setting to restore the axis settings after the simulations completes. During the simulation, autoranging is enabled so you can see the simulation progress.



Scripting may help here, please check this Python interface.