PIC32 DWM1000 Port dwt_configure(&config) ISSUE

I have ported the files from DW1000 Application Programming Interface with STM32F10x Application Examples V2.14 across to the PIC32. The simple TX and RX programs are fully functional when I don’t call dwt_configure(&config), however if call this function with any configuration the RX fails with the RXRFSL & RXRFTO bits set.

I’ve looked through the fourm and found the following topic which looked similar but couldn’t work out how or if they’d actually solved the issue.

Thanks for any help!

Bump! I’m still no further with this issue, by using dwt_setlnapamode(3); I am able to see that the packet has been received at the other end but it always creates RXFCE.

Any help would really be appreciated!