Performance in rainy/foggy weather?

I’m considering using UWB localization in an open wide outdoor field. Does anybody know how rainy or foggy weather would impact the performance of distance measurement / localization? I couldn’t find any relevant application cases or whitepapers on this topic.

Thank you!

UWB, like any other RF technology, works very well in open air on a dry day… but when there are 4 season in the one day, with rain, snow, or hails stones the performance might be be impacted. The level of impact could be between none to some.
The best info we have a is a figure for H2O . You can find that in the appendix 1 (chapter 7) in the attached application note.

There are also some articles on the web on rain fade, but then for radio in general

Eg Rain fade - Wikipedia

APS006_channel_effects_on_range_accuracy_ver1.03.pdf.pdf (1.1 MB)