PDoA Toolkit with Tag in Transmit-only mode

I am a newbie here. I have been testing a PDoA kit in different scenarios.
For my test, I want to change the tag to Transmit only mode instead of two way ranging (in order to increase the battery life of the tag).

Can some body please point me to the part of code I need to modify for the node and the tag to work in Transmit only?


There is a set of documentation and you need to understand it, before modifiying the code.

Basically, the TWR in PDoA application give you the distance + the phase difference, which you are sending to the Calc task. there are a number of assumptions in the project to simplify the code flow, i.e. the second chip is enabled only on the Final message of TWR, both chips were synchronized and HW layout is good.

You may try to enable both chips permanently and have phase difference right on reception of the Blink message from the Tag, i.e. without goint to the Ranging phase, this is quite easy…