PDoA tag battery connector


I’m trying to determine the battery connector type of the PDoA tag carrier board. The provided schematics labels the J12 connector as “Batt Conn”. From inspection, it seems to be a JST SHR-02V-S-B - can someone confirm please?


Hi PE1,

This ready made cable will work


Hello PE1

With “PDoA tag carrier board” I assume you mean the DWM1004-ES board (which is based on the DWM1001-dev carrier board).

The battery connector is a “Leader Wise” S01-SHSMT02AWV0_YS, which seems to be compatible with 2-pin JST SH series connectors. It should be compatible with the JST SHR-02V-S and JST SHR-02V-S-B cable housings and as @DecaLeo mentioned with the 2-pin JST SR/SZ series connectors.

Thank you, much appreciated.

No, I mean the PDoA evaluation kit DWM1003-DEV board, but the battery connectors seem to be compatible.

Yes, it should use the same carrier board and thus the same battery connector AFAIK.