PDoA Software Download Missing from Site

I’m evaluating the Beta PDoA kit for a large multi-national client. The download link for the support kit provided to me in July, “http://…/Beta_PDoA_Kit_RELEASE_1.0.EXE”, no longer works. I have seen a reference to a “Decawave PDoA kit release 1.1” in the forum which suggests that the old link may be inaccessible for a reason. While I can recover the 1.0 exe file from an off-site backup I was curious what’s in the 1.1 release and if there’s a faster way to get back to running PDoA with a working download link. (My windows machine was repurposed, hence the missing download.)

I have separately emailed cs@decawave.com but have yet to hear back. Any ideas on how to resolve this blocker?


New relelase here

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Dear all,

Is there a newer version of the PDOA Kit for DW1000 (> v1.1) ?