PDOA KIT enquiry

Hi, will like to clarify some queries regarding the pdoa kit.

Have seen the paper titled: Angle of Arrival Estimation Using Decawave DW1000 Integrated Circuits. However, as I was unable to find out more on the pdoa kit used in this paper on your official site, I headed over to Symmetry Electronics and found the item in linked, https://www.semiconductorstore.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=98604.

Can I check if this kit is the right kit that works as per in the paper above? Or if there are any ways I can purchase this kit from your official site?

Also, I will like to confirm that with the kit used in the paper, is it correct that 1 limitation is that it is unable to calculate both the tag elevation and azimuth angle from the anchor?


Hi Kai,

With respect to your second question - as the Node from the kit has two DW1000 ICs and two antennae, it can only calculate one phase difference of the incoming signal, thus caclulating only one angle (and the range of course).
Is it elevation angle or azimuth angle - depends on the Node’s orientation, of course.
We did some experiments combining two Nodes in order to obtain both angles simultaniously - ok for demo, but for the final product one needs to build some custom hardware with 3-4 antennae to get the true 3D solution (azimuth, elevantion and range).

Hey alec,

Thanks for the reply. Wish to clarify 2 points following the response.

For the results demonstrated in the paper relating tag elevations and azimuth angle(figure 14), it shows that the azimuth angle is resilient towards tag elevations. However, from your response, can I understand it as the tag elevation in this demo was preset and hence only the azimuth angle was recorded from the anchor node(ie the elevation angle cannot be determined based on 1 anchor node simultaneously)?

Also, in the section discussing kit limitations, specifically for the tag elevation, I see a mention of the spherical coordinates that considers both azimuth angle and elevation angle. May I ask the significance of this coordinate?

Appreciate your help alot once again.