PDoA GUI - Missing Driver - Nordic Driver Install Instructions Don't Match My Reality

On my Win7 Lenovo PC the PDoA GUI doesn’t see the DWM1002 (using the lower USB port) and the Win7 Device Manager sees the 1002 but thinks it needs troubleshooting. Following the normal Windows way doesn’t work (as I suspected based on the Decawave .inf file instructions). I tried following the several step sequence in the PDoA kit’s “Driver Installation Windows.txt” file but there is no visible “Advanced Settings”, all I get is my dual boot menu (Ubuntu vs Win7). I’m wondering if the dual boot mechanism is the source of the incompatibility.

  1. Hold down the F8 key and restart the system. [not convinced the F8 key changes reboot behavior]
  2. Click on Advanced settings --> Startup Settings --> Restart. [no “Advanced settings” is visible]
  • Jeff

Hi Jeff

I just tried this myself.
Basically you press F8 just before windows start to enter Advanced Boot Options
So start/restart the PC and Press F8 to invoke the **Advanced Boot Options menu.

I think this is for all PCs the same, but to be sure do a google on “advanced boot options windows 7”

Once you’re in the Advanced Boot Options menu scroll down to select the Disable driver signature enforcement option.

And then follow the steps (4-10) in the readme file

Hopefully this works for you.