PDoA evaluation - multiple tags variaing results


We’re currently evaluating the PDoA kit with multiple tags. We’ve noted, however, that that varying the tag, i.e. switching between two tags in the exact same position, the range results seem to roughly similar (in average and standard deviation and spread), but that angle of arrival is much worse for one tag compared to the other (double the standard deviation and spread). Can anyone at Decawave comment?


What is the distance from Tag to Node?
Is this the only Tag showing bad performance? If so I suspect that tag transmits at lower power than it should (possibly HW problem).
Can you test the maximum range - usually it should be about 50m. And the angle stdev at that distance is 2-3 times worse comparing to 10-15m distance.

Hi Alec,

Testing distance is 0.5m and 1m distance - so transmit power shouldn’t really be a problem at these distances.
Tag 0xCA91:
Sample count: 287
Range stddev: 2.631328803052523 cm
Range spread: 14.0 cm
Phase stddev: 5.893309790990612 degrees
Phase spread: 33.0 degrees

Tag 0x9A90:
Sample count: 271
Range stddev: 4.141119148085586 cm
Range spread: 36.0 cm
Phase stddev: 9.88737520531071 degrees
Phase spread: 61.0 degrees

We’ve got 4 more tags, with which I’ll do some more testing with.