PDOA DWM1002 node UART not responding

I have purchased 2 Beta PDOA kit. One of the DWM1002 is working perfectly and the other one is not responding. When using the official GUI, I get the following error message “Cannot open/connect to COM port. Please make sure PDOA node is connected to the PC”. I have checked and the serial port is found on Window in Device Manager. I have tried to use the terminal by sending the command “?” but I dont receive anything. On the other hand, when I do the same to the one which works, on the terminal, it does respond with all the possible commands.
Is there any way to fix it or is there any way to reflash the board with the latest firmware version?
Can anyone help me? Thank you.

Hi Phong,

We have run into a similar situation as well! Were you able to find a fix for this issue? If yes, would you be able to let us know how you resolved this?

Thank you,