PDOA diagnostics


I would like to read the diagnostics data during ranging. I believe that to do this I should modify the pdoa_node source so that DEFAULT_DIAG_READING = 1, in the default_config.h file. However, when I do this and flash the device, the provided desktop application no longer displays the tag. I did attempt to ‘join’. Any idea why this would happen?

For reference, i’m using the beta PDOA kit.
the provided Segger project for the node is located at BETA_PDOA_KIT_RELEASE_1.0\Software\Sources\dwm1002\examples\dw_pdoa_node

the provided desktop GUI is located at BETA_PDOA_KIT_RELEASE_1.0\Software\PC_GUI


Basically PDoA Node communicates with PC app through Virtual Serial port over USB. You can connect to the node using TeraTerm ot Putty or another terminal app(serial port number assigned to the node you can find in Widows Device Manager). Type ? and press Enter to see list of commands (you can find this list in the end of cmd_fn.c too). To change the diag setting on the fly(without recompiling the node’s FW) type DIAG 1 to enable diag info or DIAG 0 to disable it, SAVE to save changes to NVRAM.
Type NODE to start ranging.
Type STOP to stop.

But if you enable diag info you can only view it in terminal or in your own custom app - PC app provided needs JSON format output from the Node. See json_2pc.c to understand how the node can output the data (and you can add you own info too).

For further references read DWM1002-PDOA-Node-Source-Code-Guide (section 3.2.3 Command mode of Control task).

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