PDoA beta kit / Maximum number of tags

How many tags can be seen by PDoA node simultaneously?
What is the maximum duration of node’s superframe, maximum number of slots in it and the shortest tag’s slot period? How many nodes can be deployed and operate at the same time and at the same place?

Hi Nikita,

Basically, all of those parameters are run-time parameters of the PDoA Node, and can be configured differently from node to node. Tags know nothing on the start, and they are receiving the run-time configuration over UWB during the “handshake” phase, called Discovery & RangingConfiguration phases of the protocol.

Some of the run-time parameters are subject to the limits because of the specific implementation, i.e. the TWR times, because on the given SW+HW design you cannot make it faster. But with different HW or slightly optimized SW, you can.
For that purposes, Tag has a hardcoded minimal timings which it can support. If it cannot support timings from the Node, tag avoiding joining the system.

The rest of parameters, such as Superframe, number of tags, slot period are fully configurable.
Deafult is
Superframe 100ms
Number of slots 20
Slot period is 5ms

The rule is Slot_period * Number_of_Slots should be <= than the Superframe duration.

Please read the documentation.

Thanks for quick answer, Alexander. I read all docs carefully before posting this question but it was not so clear for me that all this parameters fully configurable at least because of one-to-one relation between superframe and [number of slots and slot period].
So now I would like to know the ranges in which these parameters can be varied. Could you clear it for me?