PCB Thickness

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Matter of fact, I have to guide a custom PCB design with DW1000.

My question is: Is it safe to use two-layer 0.665 mm pcb (a fraction of recommended 4-layer pcb stack) and keep the radio track width 0.95 mm?

Will I keep the impedance matching this way?

Sorry my low engineering background.


You will have to recompute the trace width in order to maintain the critical impedance on the RF traces. Google “trace impedance calculator”

You could also use the module instead. A bit more expensive but you don’t have to worry about the RF portion.


You need to ask to your PCB manufacturer for they Dielectric Values, for FR-4 usually is 4.1 to 4.8
also if you want to use a 4 layer pcb you need to get the stackup layer diagram is different for
each PCB manufacturerl, because they use different standard sheets (like 1080) between copper layer.

you need to get something like this


one time you get the manufacturer info yo can use a software like Saturns PCB to calculate the needed widths
of your Differential (100 ohms) and your singled ended tracks (50 ohms) and you should to say to the manufacturer
that you need controlled impedance in these tracks (it’s an extra process +$$).

Thank you, Andrews!

Module doesn’t fit our environment… we need longer range than it can do

I’ll try to recalculate


Awesome! Its cleared my further steps.


a newbi is growing )

Got calculator in Kicad and it looks like it fits.

a newbi is growing )

Got calculator in Kicad and it looks like it fits.

Couple topics have got in sight:

Will electrical length (L in pic. above) somehow affect performance, particularly for traces from dw1000 to balun?

What accuracy of match is sufficient? 50.01, 50.12, 50.3… I can imagine, that during production trace width will vary anyway…


I’d recommend that you hire an engineer that specializes on RF design. Designing in the 6GHz band is not for beginners, I have seen plenty of seasoned engineers try and fail. There are just too many ways
This is a “Black Magic” area best left to those with the experience and equipment.

Just some friendly from someone who’s been there.

Thank you, Andrew!

I know its Dragon’s Land.