PC Application and Firmware Download

Where can I find PC Application?
I search the entire site and found nothing…

Another question is about Firmware Release2.
I read somewhere here that if I buy The Dev-Board Kit MDEK1001 the dev boards are not FCC certified.
Is it true? I also read that they are blank - so where do I find procedure for downloading Firmware to them?

You are right the MDEK1001 kit has no certified boards, you need to buy them seperatly. You can find the Firmware here:

in the “DWM1001, DW10001-DEV and MDEK1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & Firmware Image” package

I went through the entire package but could not identify any PC application - it is all for Android or Raspberry Pi…
So where is the PC application?


there is no PC application. PANS provides these API interfaces:

  1. SPI
  2. UART
  3. BLE
  4. On-module Shell
  5. User Application using PANS library
  6. MQTT over TCP/IP

and these GUI interfaces:

  1. DRTLS Android Manager (using BLE API interface)
  2. DRTLS Web Manager (using MQTT API interface)

If you need you can create a PC application and interface it via e.g. MQTT.


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Got it.
(You will need to update your documentation since some manuals claim that there is PC application. May be they meant Terminal command-line-like interface…I don’t know.)

Another question about the Development Board DWM1001-Dev.

  1. Is it FCC certified? Or is the sensor on it FCC certified.
  2. Does it include the latest Release of Firmware (I believe from Apr 2019) on-board or is it blank?