Passive tag having issues with usb serial port. Windows 10 (MDEK1001)

I started to report issue with a tag in another formum where it wasnt working…

Running 115200 8N1 No-flow

I would hit keys and get @@@ like baud rate issue.

Then after about 10 minutes it started working and I was able to do les and things were happy all day.

Now this morning it is back to @@@@ when I type.

I looked to update the firmware in it… It appears to be running FW1:0x01010500 ? And FW2:01010501 ?? did an update and all units were skipped…

So now at a loss as to getting the uar/serial/cli working

Hi Prestonjb,

The @ is expected when the device is configured to use the TLV APIs.

In order to enter the user shell mode (from which you can use “les”), you need to send the enter character twice. (press enter twice).

Maybe have a look at the forum and documentation as this is covered in detailed.