Parsing of the distance of the tag of the DWM1001 decawave module

Our movement of the tag with respect to the anchor is happening. But we want the tag to stop at a particular position after which it must move to the programmed direction. But this is not happening as the distance is not getting updated quickly. The distance between anchor and tag is getting updated after few seconds. What should be the next step to be done to get the distance rapidly ?

It would probably be helpful to include information about your setup. What software/firmware are you using, how are you viewing the data etc…

I am using python code for calculation of distance and parsing the data using lec command.

you can set the update frequency in the Tag (using UART command or Android App)
i guess you are not flushing your serial input in your python code, so all the messages are queued and you can’t read the latest one.

I checked through the app, but can’t find how to update the frequency in the app of the tag. Please suggest how to change the frequency for fast calculation of distance.


ser.flushInput() // this will clear the received location data before you read

to add a small delay based on your update frequency

sleep(0.3) //300 millisecond delay

then you can read the received data it will be latest

received_data = ser.readline()
readableStr = received_data.decode(“ISO-8859-1”)

you can update ‘Tag’ frequency through Android App or through Tera Term