Parameters definition on the symbol properties panel

Is there an easy way to find out the definition of the parameters in the symbol properties? For example in the Independent Voltage Source, how would I easily see that the first parameter is the Vinitial?

You could call up the part in the Symbol & IP Browser window and it will appear with the prompts. In this case it would be PULSE V1 V2 …, which is not the same as Vinitial Von which you may be used to. The second alternative would be to place a temporary dummy part from which you could see the prompt string in a larger font. If you edit the prompt string on the dummy part, you will see in blue a prompt string that says which fields are required and which are optional. the optional fields are enclosed in square brackets.

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Click RMB on V-source and select Pertinent Help File Page
You will see Help section


Thanks. That’s helpful :slight_smile: